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Craving Connection

Oct 28, 2019

Community comes in all shapes and sizes. It’s the people you interact with regularly in your neighborhood, at work, within an organization, or through your favorite podcast. Most of us are part of several communities at once and sometimes we take it for granted until we have to intentionally plug in somewhere new....

Oct 21, 2019

Our favorite series is back with another installment! Fall faves are HERE and they won’t disappoint. We’ve got lipsticks. We’ve got recipes. We’ve got color palates. We’ve got clothing. Basically, we’ve got it all, so tune in to find your newest fall fave for 2019.

KA's Fall Faves:

Allbirds Wool Runners

Oct 7, 2019

This week we’re here with another installment in our “expectations in” series. We’re talking through an area of life where expectations run rampant- marriage. Whether they’re notions of what we thought marriage would be, intentions we have of ourselves or our husbands, or standards we have of our...